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Jason Mitchell
Jason Mitchell

Dear Current or Future Real Estate Agent:

If you’re reading this, you are already working at a real estate brokerage or are interested in pursuing a more lucrative career in the industry.

Let me make a few guesses about your current circumstances:

If you’re already an agent, you probably aren’t getting the support that you need in order to advance your career. Many brokerages don’t offer the leads, training, coaching, accountability, or structure required to succeed.

In fact, 87% of real estate agents will fail to achieve the level of success they want and leave the industry within their first year.

You might long for a kind of lifestyle that your current job can’t afford you—the freedom to maintain your life outside of work as you please, the money to support your family as well as your personal goals, and the time to make all of it a reality.

If you’re kept awake at night because you live paycheck to paycheck and you can’t guarantee where your next check will come from, you probably long for the weight of looming bills and the threat of bankruptcy to leave your shoulders. You yearn for guidance about what to do next, and when to do it.

Perhaps you’ve already sought out a solution to these problems. There are numerous companies out there that promise to deliver quality leads that you can convert to clients, therefore allowing you to grow in your business and in life. The trouble is, many of these are merely marketing mirages designed only to recruit you, not to nurture your professional and personal interests. You might focus your attention on whether a brokerage offers a high split, but you should know that those don’t provide you with the highest value or the coaching you actually need. Many brokerages spend all day recruiting when they should be spending that time training you to be successful.

With all that in mind, here’s the thing: If you don’t do something different with your career, you’ll probably wind up like the rest of the 87% of the business—admitting defeat and leaving the industry forever. You’ll go back to a regular 9-to-5 job, forego the comfortable lifestyle you always dreamed of, and re-enter the cycle of worrying about making ends meet.

But don’t let your frustrations, anxieties, and past misfortunes get you down. There is a solution to your problems, and it doesn’t involve letting the real estate business chew you up and spit you out:

I’d like to invite you in for a discussion about becoming a member of our brokerage.

My name is Jason Mitchell and I’ve been building my team for seven years now. My team specializes in internet lead generation and conversion and has consistently sold between 100 and 200 homes each year. I don’t list homes or compete with my agents, so I do everything in my power to bring business to my agents.

Let me be a little more specific about what my team has to offer:

  • A non-competing team lead that will help you get business
  • High-level training and coaching that will teach you how to achieve your goals
  • One-on-one coaching and mentorship with myself and our operations manager, Andy
  • Access to an entire library of training videos
  • Bi-weekly calls with myself
  • Accountability to your goals
  • Weekly sales meetings
  • Monthly culture calls
  • One-on-one Business planning
  • Access to our top-of-the-line CRM, Boomtown
  • Free video marketing
  • Free dialer software

By joining our brokerage, you’ll experience instant and sustainable career growth, as well as access to the income and freedom you so desperately desire. This is all achievable through the quality leads we provide, our proven systems, and the technology we use to help you leverage your time and convert leads into clients. A position on our team also comes with a competitive split compared to other brokerages.

If you’re skeptical, you don’t need to just take my word for it. Let the success of a few of our agents speak for itself, and you can make up your own mind about it:

Andy McCasland started with us in March 2013 and didn’t even have his real estate license. He started as an ISA, but by the month of July he had closed a million-dollars in transactions and closed 60 transactions within his first 18 months. He’s now in a leadership role with us and teaching other agents to do the same.

Then we have Courtney, who has been with us for just about 18 months. She’s now on pace to close about 36 deals in the next year. She has consistently built her pipeline, learned our conversion strategies, and is increasing her business each month.

Finally, we have Sue. She’s been with us for just a few weeks after working with another brokerage after she wasn’t getting what she was promised. Within 2 weeks, she put two deals under contact and is working with four active buyers.

If you take me up on my offer to have a discussion about whether our team is right for you, I’d be glad to show you that we’re not all just talk—we can prove that what we say actually happens.

Then again, you could also elect to go a different route. But I’ll warn you: Other big-box brokerages often foster a dog-eat-dog atmosphere in which you’re technically a part of the brand, but you’re still left to succeed (or fail) on your own. Many will spend a lot of their time calling or texting you so they can recruit you, but once you’re there, they don’t provide the resources you need to grow your business. Others still will promise you quality leads but, in reality, will provide you with weak Facebook leads from people who aren’t really interested in buying or selling homes.

The choice is yours: Face an uncertain industry full of mirages and false promises on your own—or become an agent on our team. If you are already a high producing agent who is looking to take your business to the next level, we’re prepared to offer you an 80/20 split with a $16,000 cap, which will be refunded via company stock when you hit the 20 transaction threshold. You’ll also have the opportunity to earn and purchase company stock at a 20% discount to market value and earn revenue sharing from anyone else you bring to us. If you’re just starting out, have been in the business for some time and not seeing the results you would like and need more guidance, accountability and leads you can join our team where we start at a 50/50 split.

If you take our offer, the onboarding process will start right away. For the first 30 days, you’ll be coming into the office to get coaching and training, get all of your accounts set up, and learn our systems. If you’re ready after that 30 days to operate our systems to our standards, you’ll be transitioned to a work-from-home team member and just have to come into the office once a week.

If your interest has been piqued, I urge you to act quickly. The popular real estate service Redfin is gearing up for a massive advertising campaign across the USA to offer clients a low-commission environment. If you don’t have your business system in place before then, you’ll get crushed. We guarantee that if you follow our systems and processes, we can create a predictable business that will allow you to achieve your economic goals. If you don’t hit those goals, we’ll pay you $1,000.

Let’s get on this now so we can build a moat around your mindset, skill set, and most importantly, your database, allowing us to make sure you succeed in real estate regardless of what happens next.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Jason Mitchell

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